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The “Felon’s Friend” Makes Our Case For Us

Our email lit up this morning with a link to a story in the P&C. We normally refer to that “news” organization as the Propaganda & Criminals, but just this once we will refer to them by the name they have on their paper. Why? Because Natalie Caula of the Post & Courier has engaged in a respectable bit of random journalism in a story titled “Is he really the “Felon’s Friend”??

The subject of the piece is a man we have repeatedly featured in these pages and whom we refer to as Judge Thomas “Felon’s Friend” Hughston. Note: We left out the recent addition of “Senile Bastard” on that one. ;)

Caula did a decent job of letting Hughston defend himself. In reality, all he did was dig his own grave in the eyes of the public who are simply exhausted by the violent crime in the Lowcountry. Just watching the “news” provides the hint there is a breakdown in our system. In the year-and-a-half that Charleston Thug Life has been in service we have exposed the lack of prosecution and the pathetic sentencing practices of more than a few judges. Hughston is a huge factor in that.

Caula discusses a couple of Hughston’s cases and describes how he lets each defendant walk. She opened the article with a defendant on a stalking case with a long list of priors. Hughston saw the record, lectured the defendant, sentenced him to five years, then immediately put him on probation for two years. We all know this is how he works. We have the evidence posted here for all to see.

She summed up the issues with Hughston at the end of the article using the case of a defendant who was arrested with a firearm during a traffic stop. Here is the pull quote:

“What I keep telling people like you is if you think you’re going to go somewhere where you think you may need a pistol, don’t go,” Hughston said, shaking his head. “Stay home. Go to the picture show. Go play basketball or baseball.”

And with that, he let the man go free”

Who wants to bet that mystery defendant has probably been featured in these pages?

Hughston told Caula he wants the defendants to “feel good” when they leave his courtroom. He seems to be overly concerned about the feelings of the criminals who prey upon the rest of us. Not once did he mention the feelings of victims or those of their families.

The Felon’s Friend also has a hang up about rehabilitation. We are all for rehabilitation efforts for first time offenders. Unfortunately, Hughston believes he can rehabilitate offenders with multiple repeat offenses by giving them a light sentence, which usually doesn’t include any actual prison time. Hughston is, of course, an utter moron.We see the failures of his approach in our news feeds every single day. The worst part is that he often sees the same results when the same repeat offenders step into his courtroom again and again and again.

What does Hughston do with those repeat offenders? He releases them back to the streets yet again so they can terrorize you folks some more. But at least those offenders feel good about it while they are victimizing you.

Hughston, in an effort to keep our “Senile Bastard” addition to his name alive and well, told Caula, “If everyone sentenced like me it would be great!”

Not that the other judges are doing much better, in spite of what Caula’s statistics claim to show. Just type in the names of those judges in our search box. If everyone sentenced like Hughston you might as well just fold up the police departments, the prosecutor’s offices and the courts. Think of the tax money you would save. Of course, you would need those additional funds to build the impenetrable barriers around your home, which you could probably never leave thanks to the criminal element running amok due to everyone sentencing like Judge Thomas “Senile Bastard Felon’s Friend” Hughston.

Here is an interesting quote from Hughston:

“The most important thing that a decision-maker can do, a judge can do, is to ask the right question,” he said. “Through those questions you create the scene of the crime.”

Notice he didn’t say “re-create” the scene of the crime. Hughston definitely does create a crime scene. Every day he sits on the bench his courtroom is a huge crime scene. Just ask the family of Eleanor Caperton.

Our final pull quote from the article is this little gem:

Hughston tried retirement in 1998, but that didn’t last long. “I came back from retirement for very little pay,” he said with a chuckle. “There’s nothing more rewarding that doing this job as you think it should be done.”

 In other words, folks, Hughston is giving you the middle finger and letting you know he doesn’t feel he is accountable to you in any way. For anything. That mindset shows in his comments throughout the article and in the sentences he hands down.

Ashley Pennington is a strong public defender. He’s been at it a lot of years. But Pennington is the type of lawyer who can view photographic evidence of his client blasting a .45 caliber hole in a victim’s head and still believe his client when he says, “I dint do nuffin.” We won’t even bother discussing his libtard comments on Hughston. Suffice it to say, he loves the guy.

Former 9th Circuit Solicitor Charlie Condon also cautions you not to jump to conlusions regarding Hughston. Sorry, Charlie, no one is jumping to anything. Our analysis is based on facts and those facts are presented here on an almost daily basis for all to see.

Caula mentions Charleston Thug Life and the “Felon’s Friend” moniker we hung on Hughston. She referred to us as “a local law and order blog”. Nice. Point to Natalie Caula.

All joking aside, she does point out that no complaints on Hughston have been lodged with the South Carolina Judicial Merit Screening Commission. Sounds like it might be time to rectify that folks. You can find the website for the Commission HERE. It has instructions on how to file complaints. There are also links to the “rules” and how violation of a “rule” doesn’t necessarily mean anyone will be reviewed or punished. The “rules”, after all, were written by lawyers to protect lawyers. Feel free to lodge those complaints, though, and we will see what happens. All you have to do to find the evidence here is type “Hughston” in the search box on the blog.

That is all we have time for this morning. Be sure to congratulate Natalie Caula for writing a decent article and helping to expose the idiot known as Judge Thomas “Senile Bastard Felon’s Friend” Hughston. Nothing personal, Judge, just going where the facts lead us.


  1. Phyllis Savenkoff, victim of Eleanor Caperton’s family, needs support of others that had cases with this judge and may want to file complaints with him, please call Phyllis Savenkoff @ 843_557_0548 asap.

  2. The P&C article made me sick to my stomach. This crazy old guy is a judge?? He wants the criminals to ‘feel better’? He wants them to consider going to the ‘picture show’ instead of going somewhere that requires a gun? Yes, I’m sure all of those repeat drug dealing thugs will have a lightbulb moment after his counseling from the bench and will decide to change their ways. The only thing they’re learning is that crime pays. Hughston is insane. He needs to retire again and soon!! He is just as much of a threat to society as the thugs he continues to release into the community.

  3. My favorite line is:

    “Hughston said he doesn’t believe he’s too lenient, particularly when his heavy case load is taken into account.”

    Sounds to me like he has too much on his plate.

    And what does a heavy case load has to do with the degree of leniency given?

  4. Recommend the following article and subsequent comments from readers, judge(s), and ultimately…the criminal from the original sentencing.

    I cannot see how releasing re-tread criminals back into the same environment that they came from can viewed as a good thing. It is apparent that those that have been arrested/released numerous times have family/friends that are anything but a good influence in their lives.

  5. If you have the time, a good read can be found here that discusses sentencing from a judge regarding a multiple felon. Of particular interest is the comment section which has a thought-provoking input from numerous judges, laymen, and the a felon that managed to turn his life around.

    Of note, the felon credits a strong family, god, and the will/desire to turn his life around.

    Hughston, by releasing these retread felons back into environments that do not support them is doing a disservice to the criminals, their families, and our communities. If their families and friends are not going to help them turn their lives around, they should be incarcerated.

  6. Good link. Thanks.

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