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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Liberal Reality

So, the libtard Chief of the Spokane Police Department, Frank Straub, is now blaming 88 year old murder victim Shorty Belton for being murdered.

Oh, wait…..the victim resisted? Well, shit, let’s dismiss those ridiculous murder and robbery charges, then. We are pretty sure Chief Straub didn’t feel comfortable when his troops locked up the two teenage maggots in the first place. Let’s see - young, black, male - yep, they were certainly entitled to anything and everything they wanted from Belton. That’s why he defended his country and worked his ass off for all those decades - because he owed it to some young black male who might show up someday and demand his due.

Once again, the left reveals their agenda. Have you taken note of all their efforts to disarm you?

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  1. Even worse. One of the suspects is now claiming that Belton was a crack dealer and it was a drug deal gone bad. Classic modern day shift of blame…


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