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Charleston County School District Reaction

Here is the reaction a citizen received from Charleston County School Superintendent Nancy McGinley, members of the Charleston County School Board, the rag we call the Propaganda & Criminals and WCSC News when they forwarded a link to our post regarding the double-standard the school district adheres to when it comes to use of the word “nigga”.

Did you get that? Yep, that’s what the citizen received as a response from each of those entities detailed above. A big, fat bunch of nothing. Utter silence. Apparently McGinley and the school board believe ignoring the residents of the county they serve is the way to do business and will make the problem they created go away.

Um…..we don’t think so.

Heck, we only have to go back to the subject of our last post, Derrontae Holmes to find another example of a student using the word. Remember, Holmes is another athlete who claims gang membership and has been involved with firearms and crime very recently. Once again, is he still playing football for James Island High School? Oh, wait….there he is on the 2013-2014 roster - #51. Even though he was snagged by NCPD, in his mother’s car, with two guns, after a shootout at a bar known as Club Crucial. That is exactly the sort of student who deserves to play on a school team, isn’t it?

Your move, Charleston County School District.


  1. Ignoring citizens/parents has been CCSD’s M.O. since Maria was in charge.

  2. This outstanding student just shot himself in the foot and was charged with “making false statements to secure taxes” whatever the hell that is. Can’t believe he is still on the football team and hell for that matter in school. I know when I went to school, if they heard you cussing or cut class you was off the team. What a damn joke CCSD!!!

  3. Where did you get that football roster?

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