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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Another Display of Cowardice

Black “teen” thugs have once again attacked a white victim. This time, in Spokane, Washington, two thugs attacked an 88 year old World War II veteran and beat him to death. As usual, police say it was “a random attack” and “race was not involved”. We are getting rather sick of police making these ridiculous statements. And yet we are so accustomed  to such bullshit declarations because we constantly see examples of this policy in action - if it is a black on white crime it can’t possibly be race related. We support the police, but you folks have to break that routine your administrators and spokesmen are on.

Police were looking for two suspects. A 16 year old suspect, Demetrius Glenn, turned himself in last night. Police are still looking for 16 year old Kenan Adams Kinard. Both suspects already have violent criminal histories.

We haven’t found a page for Glenn yet, but we found Kenan Kinard’s Thugbook page HERE. Let’s examine some of what is posted there.

Member of the public have already found his page and started posting.

Note the gangs signs in the background. That’s also a gang sign he using in the foreground.

A gangsta athlete. How often have we seen that?

Kind of a prophetic photo in light of his actions. Unfortunately, Washington is such a progressive state we doubt these two will do more than a couple of years for this killing of an American hero.

Gotta stand for the struggle, huh? Beating an 88 year old man to death really demonstrated your commitment, you little pussy.

Here a couple of posts from Kenan’s brother’s Thugbook page. What we do know, Vory, is the first person to see him should put a bullet between his eyes.

And the defense begins.

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  1. What shocks me about most of these thugs is that out of the 78 million or so sperm that was ejaculated…theirs won. Nice.


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