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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Another CTL Alumnus in the News

The trend continues. Back in April we profiled a few thugs who were arrested by NCPD after a shootout at Club Crucial on Ashley Phosphate Road. Derrontaea Holmes, aka “Dee Holmes“, was driving his momma’s car that night. Two guns were found in that car. Holmes self-identifies as a member of the Romney Street Goonz. We wonder if he is still playing football for James Island High School. Maybe someone could check with the Charleston County School District on that.

It seems Holmes went to MUSC Tuesday morning with a gunshot wound to a toe. He told CPD he was shot while dropping his girlfriend off at an apartment on Ashley River Road. Unfortunately for Dee, the girl, her mother and several other witnesses all said there were no gunshots in the area. CPD checked out Holmes’ car and found two bullet holes in the hood. Trajectories and a shell casing found in the vehicle, indicated the rounds were probably fired by someone in the car. Did Dumbass Dee shoot himself in the toe? He does have a history of playing with firearms.

Holmes was charged with filing a false police report. He was given a $10,000 personal recognizance bond by Judge Linda Lombard.

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  1. No more support for this criminal Michael Brown.

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