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Curtis Tywon Mitchell - Wanted

Moncks Corner Police are still looking for Curtis Tywon Mitchell. WCSC was kind enough to put him on their “Most Wanted” list, but apparently weren’t too sure they wanted him because they failed to put his photo up. They described him as “Mitchell stand 5’9″ and 175 pounds.”

Well, that should get him caught. WCSC continues their policy of hiding race. Or do they just assume the public knows the suspect is black when he has a ridiculous name like Tywon? We think WCSC might just be a bit racist!

Here is a photo of Mitchell. WCSC could have put one up on their “Most Wanted” story, like they did on their previous story about him. We will help them out today, though. He is wanted for firing a rifle into a house after a beef with someone. If you see him, call the cops. If he’s armed…..well, do what you gotta do to protect yourself.

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