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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Driving the News - Again

We mention something, the media jumps. Gotta love it.

Turns out Batshit Boland, who attempted to shoot an employee at Ashley Hall, purchased her firearm at a gun shop. No details were provided by ATF or CPD as to which gun shop. Not that it really matters.

Our previous point still stands. While your local, state and national politicians attempt to disarm YOU by passing new laws to make it more difficult to protect yourself and your family, this case points to the stark reality. Current laws banning the sale of firearms to certain individuals simply cannot be enforced. Why? Because those laws stand in direct conflict with other laws on the books meant to ensure crazy people can have medical confidentiality. She did, after all, pass a criminal background check.

Instead of passing new laws, maybe your politicians should take steps to correct the current ones.

And a note to Channel 5 - Batshit Boland did not “trigger” the weapon. She “pulled the trigger” on the weapon several times. Fortunately for the folks at Ashley Hall Batshit didn’t read the directions in the box.


  1. The liberal news media is quite often misinformed. After all, if Jesse Jackson says an AR-15 can shoot down a plane, than it must be true.

  2. The bond set for this unstable woman is good. They should set all the bonds for ATTEMPTED MURDER to close to the same as hers, not $10,000 to someone already out on bond……

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