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Da Crackaz Gots Dem - Again

Timothy McClendon, also known as “Dolla Loudpack Madden Block”, has been back behind bars since 17 December. His probation officer locked him up. We aren’t sure what his original charges were, but they might have had something to do with this:

Or maybe those charges were related to this:

Good luck, Timmy! Not.

Timmy is pals with “Quez Brown” who has been featured in these pages with his firearms a number of times. We received intel last week informing us Brown was also incarcerated again. Go figure.

Tiny Trappa Timmy was upset that crackaz tore up a letter from his pal, Shyheim Lewis.

Shyheim tries to avoid the the stigma of that ridiculous name by using the name “Trapboi Lewis” on Thugbook. Lewis in incarcerated at the facility in Ridgeville.

As you can see, our Lowcountry police officers keep locking them up. Who keeps letting them out?

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