What A Sham


Wow! So, another police officer jumped out of his car in the ghetto for absolutely no reason, put a black guy on the ground with his hands up and then filled him full of lead? What a shame. Well, no, more like “what a sham”.

Too bad that narrative has been perpetuated by witnesses of the same quality as those in downtown Charleston , the media , the NAACP, the President of the United States and any number of other well known race-baiters. According to the liberal media who are gleefully reporting any perceived slights to the black population in Ferguson , Missouri , when a group of rioters forms and begins looting, throwing bricks and Molotov cocktails and shooting, the police should turn around and go home. Taking action against those criminals is just racist. And the police brought *gasp* guns and shit.

The media wants you to buy into the story that Michael Brown was a naive, helpless child who was puzzled when an evil police officer told him to get out of the street. He was not. “Big’mike Jr. Brown” was a six foot something, 260 pound, 18 year old gang member with a criminal history including burglary, “armed criminal action” and 1st degree assault.



ScreenHunter_7437 Aug. 14 16.14



Details are slowly emerging which indicate Brown and his pal Dorian Johnson initiated a confrontation with a police officer responding to a call. Brown severely beat the officer and caught a round as a result. When he charged the badly beaten officer a second time, he caught a few more.

Once again we are presented with the mindset that any action taken against a black criminal is a racist action. The officer should have just taken that beating, thanked the “teen” and gone on his way having learned a valuable lesson in race relations.

We don’t think this incident was racist because, as you can see in the photo below, Brown was not wearing a hoodie. We all know the presence of a hoodie automatically makes everything racist.

If gang members were smart they would start carrying throw-down hoodies to leave at scenes so the NAACP and Al Sharpton would have some sure fire ammunition to use against the cops.



ScreenHunter_7273 Aug. 10 07.20



Of the gang members on Brown’s Thugbook friends list, most seem to identify with the Bloods. We did see a few throwing the sign for the Vice Lords, though. NBC news ran this photo from Brown’s Thugbook page. the photo was date 8 July, 2014.



ScreenHunter_7438 Aug. 14 16.26



Would it surprise you to find out NBC edited that photo? Here is the full photo with Brown throwing what appears to be a version of the Vice Lord sign.



what a sham



Apparently Brown changed his mind. In 2012 he was showing Blood signs. You will note the media chose not to use these photos of Brown.



ScreenHunter_7437 Aug. 14 16.15



We found this media editing of photos to hide the facts very interesting because CBS News just ran a story about some ridiculous hashtag thing where people are posting two photos to their social media accounts using the tag “iftheygunnedmedown”. It is a propaganda effort initiated to claim the media will always publish the gang sign photo instead of the church clothes photo. As usual, the evidence provided by the media’s own actions puts the lie to this alleged tendency of the media to show the gang sign photos.

Here is the 2013 photo of Brown most of the media is using. Just another kid in the game room, huh?




ScreenHunter_7442 Aug. 14 19.16



Edit: A very  helpful reader has pointed out that the photo below is actually a shot of Jodah Cain, a guy who murdered his great-grandmother in Portland, Oregon last year. It is not a picture of Micheal Brown from Ferguson, Mo.



ScreenHunter_7437 Aug. 14 16.19



We decided to spend a few minutes browsing through Brown’s friends list. Here is what we found in just fifteen minutes. “Luh Vee” looks like he’s throwing a Blood sign there. He’s talking about going back up to the riots. “Leo DaKid” says he needs a gun. Leo’s Thugbook page was deleted just as we started going through it. Can’t help but wonder what he’s trying to hide.



ScreenHunter_7438 Aug. 14 16.50




Brown’s buddy “Ty Da Shooter” wants to take the advice of Al Sharpton and the New Black Prancers and “fuck em up while we still got the opportunity”.  Hey, they can’t shoot all the thugs, right?




ScreenHunter_7438 Aug. 14 16.51




Iraq comes to the heartland.




ScreenHunter_7439 Aug. 14 16.51




Tyrone wants to kill cops.



ScreenHunter_7439 Aug. 14 16.53



Tyrone is equipped to kill cops, too. You can see from this video he has his handgun and his 30 round extended clip ready to rock while he’s in the crowd. He isn’t shy about showing it off, either. And the media says the cops shouldn’t bring guns and tear gas to these functions. All that crap you heard today about the violent rioters and looters were agitators coming in from out of town and were not from Ferguson? Yeah, bullshit. Ferguson is infested with violent gang members. At least we can have fun visualizing this moron shooting his package off when he tries to pull that firearm from his waistband.







Here are some more screenshots from Tyrone’s page.




ScreenHunter_7439 Aug. 14 16.56 ScreenHunter_7440 Aug. 14 16.56 ScreenHunter_7441 Aug. 14 16.56



Yep, those cops in Ferguson should definitely be disarmed, huh?

In a story about the riots that just ran on CBS News, script reader Scott Pelley graced us with this stunning revelation in reference to the police response to the looting and riots. “Some police were armed with semi-automatic weapons.” Actually, dumb-ass, just about every police officer in the country is now armed with a semi-automatic weapon. As usual, the media shows their ignorance and their agenda.

We tried to stay out of this one, folks. We really did. We have more than enough crime in the Lowcountry to keep us busy. After watching a week of inaccurate media reports and molly-coddling of race-baiters who were advocating violence, the censorship of Thugbook was the final straw. Now you have a better grasp of the facts of this case.


Edit: We just read a news story where a St. Louis County prosecutor says Michael Brown had no criminal history. Interesting. When we reviewed their “casenet” site, the case number we had been provided for the arrests we mentioned above has apparently been deleted. Not buying that story just yet.



Author: Chief

Owner and Author of Charleston Thug Life. Chief started this website back in March of 2012 to shine the light on the Criminals of Charleston.

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  • consensus_of_plurality

    Great investigative report guys!! Everyone, please share this story, CTL always goes deeper than CNN, Foxnews, Huffpo, etc…Maybe The Blaze or Drudge should buy you out for a big check…

    • dnoskeam

      4,500 per year, top that…….and that number is the amount of black on white homicides per year in this country. Fill the morgue up with your rotting carcasses.

      • http://reddit.com/ Gurthy Rick

        ^^^Next “victim”.

        • dnoskeam

          I’m a victimizer, I’ll never be a victim.

          • IslandThoughts

            You a punk ass bitch gonna end up face down dead in the street like you boyfriend Mike brown.

      • IslandThoughts

        Is that a dildo in yo mout?

        • dnoskeam

          It’s a gutted cigar re-stuffed with White Widow, buy some glasses, Esau.

          • IslandThoughts

            Wow, it took you 4 months to reply. Did you have that dick in your mouth the whole time, or were you in lock-up(sucking white dick)?

          • dnoskeam

            When I was locked, white inmates were the black inmates’ clothes washers, punching bags, and free source of commissary. We used to make you maggot-colored weirdos sleep under the bunk without cover so we can double up our mats with your mats. You people really are a pathetic group of p**sies. Europe awaits your return……….

          • IslandThoughts

            It took you 4 months to answer back? We’re you busy the whole time using your mouth to make a living? Or were you in lock-up, using your mouth to earn favors from the real men?

          • dnoskeam

            Hahaha, so you’re saying “real men” are f@gs? Only the pinkskins would think a f@g is a real man. It took me 4 months to respond because I didn’t see the response until 4 months later. Dumb b**ch

      • IslandThoughts

        Wus dat in to mout? U dint jus pull dat out ur BF’s but did u?

      • melas_uru

        Isn’t it great to see how well our gun control laws are working?
        Just think, if the liberals have their way, these folks will be the only ones with guns .
        Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

      • twiz1

        @dnoskeam: I probably don’t need to remind you that 90%+ of violent deaths by blacks in the US are caused by other blacks. So while you and thug buddies may have “knocked off” 4500 white people…all of you thugs will never escape your lifestyle as you are too busy killing each other. 4500? That’s a drop in the bucket compared to the number of you that kill each other. Wake up… murder is not an answer…hard work is.

        The only person in the United States that can keep you down is yourself. Your decisions = your outcome. Clearly you choose a thugs life full of crime and death . Have a nice…but probably short…life.

        • dnoskeam

          Listen dummy, about 90% of all murders are intraracial. In other words, about 90% of all murder victims are murdered by a member of their own race. You peoples’ racial propaganda doesn’t work on me. You can’t outfox a fox

      • The_Dadster

        You must be so fuckin’ proud!

        Any faggot can sucker punch someone when they aren’t looking. Any pussy can pop a few rounds at someone and run away like the chickenshit bitch they are. Any cock gobbler can get ten of his fellow ghetto rats/butt buddies and rat pack 1 or 2 people, or beat up an old lady.

        Real fuckin’ brave. Next time we have a war, sign up and go do 4 tours like I did, and then come talk to me man to man. Until then, you are just an entitled bitch and welfare whore, and a slave to a bunch of candy ass white liberals , who patronize people like you at election time and then ignore you the rest of the time. They’ve been dangling their candy at people like you for generations, promising the world and delivering shit.

        Trouble is, you are too stupid to realize it.

        • Jr Stroh

          Very well said!

        • dnoskeam

          Conjecture isn’t evidence . . . think about it . . . ?

      • American Voice

        Why don’t yall go on and start an all out war against us whites? Sounds like you have it all figured out. You are making a great point, blacks commit a lot of crime, including murder . You mostly just kill each other, but go on and start a full scale attack against whitey, sounds like it is long overdue. Put a gun in a coon’s hand and he thinks he is invincible, thinks he is getting his much deserved respect. Put ten or more blacks together with no basketballs around and they riot and steal. If there were no guns in the world, you pussies would not even show up to a fight. Thugs are scared to death of getting punched in their big lips, gotta have that gun. Well guess what gangsta, plenty of whites are packing too, and we have millions more in our tribe. You are a racist , pussy ass tool and I hope you get pounded in the backside when you inevitably go to prison .

        • dnoskeam

          Aye moderator, suck my big black dick. Censorship is a way of hiding the truth, stupid ass maggot-colored dog-fuckin’ baby-raping inbred white bitch.

    • melas_uru

      Ever noticed how much these Good, God fearing children, look like terrorist?

      • The_Dadster

        They are terrorists in their own community. They talk some big s**t, but any puzzy can throw a few shots and run away, like the thugs always do. Hell, a platoon of combat Marines could take out all of the hundreds of thugs and wanna be’s in Ferguson in a couple of days. It would be fun to watch, too.

  • Jo K Eas

    The facts are yet to come out completely in this case
    This is close to where I live. From the little released by cops so far at first this seemed to be a unjustified shooting . The fatal shots were said to be from 35 ft.with one shot fired in car. The shot in car could or could not be justified but from eyewitnesses the fatal shots at distance if occured as they say I see no way they were justified unless he was coming back to get some more.. Course eyewitnesses have said many things such as no altercation in car, cop shot him while standing over him etc… will have to wait and see what the fsrensics show us about who telling truth. Witnessrs all say he was shot in back running away so we will have to see if any bullet holes in back
    Gonna be another Zimmermann case . Keep digging so we at least no the truth about the victim. The BGI is gonna try and take this one farther than they took trayvon.

    • FED UP


      Also don’t forget who the “eyewitnesses” are.

      We just went through the same thing here in Charleston , a story that’s all over this site, about a young man who shot himself in the head with a cop on top of him (more or less). The “eyewitnesses” said the cop shot him while he was on his knees with his hands in the air.

      We have to take into account the fact that the eyewitnesses have ZERO respect for the police, and will do whatever they can to make the cops out to be the bad guy.

      Until the facts are released, I am reserving 100% judgement. Regardless of that, destroying your neighborhood and calling for the murder of police officers is NOT the answer…..

    • Jo K Eas

      BGI. Black Greivance Industry. Those that make a living off the perceived woes of the black community. Ie al not so sharpton jessoe gimmie jackson NAACP etc…
      Yes I know all about the “reliability” of the thug witnesses and take it with a grain of salt. And with the info that comes out just now about mike brown being stopped because he matched ythe description of strong arm robber… suspects clothes match dead photos of his clothes…
      If there are no holes in his back and officer was beat on it is a justifiable shoot unless video comes out showing otherwise.

      CTL has done awesome investigating work in the past ans doing great on this so far and if it happened way they speculate then it is clean shoot.

      • Obsidian


    • jj

      The autopsies (3) have all shown he wasn’t shot in the back nor backside at all. The shot in the car was due to the struggle with the gun. M.B. had reached in and attacked the cop (after shoving him back in the car when he tried to get out). The gun misfired and startled Brown – he wasn’t running from the cop but from the gun fire.
      There’s an audio witness recorded at the scene explaining to another how Brown happened to lay where he was. The witness said Brown double backed and ran at the officer from a distance (30-35 feet away).
      The cop kept firing but Brown wasn’t going down. The witness figured the cop was “ missing ” – couldn’t believe he didn’t go down – neither could the cop who thought he was on drugs.
      Finally a head shot or two made Brown fall – timber style onto his face.

      • Jo K Eas

        Yep all you say seems to be true except the misfire. Maybe an accidental discharge .. or discharge during struggle but havn’t heard a word about misfire.

      • MarineRet

        dont fk with a cop and you won’t get shot.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I read that Holder is going to Ferguson for a third autopsy when they will move the six holes to the back of Browns body.

    • Veritas

      Ah one has to be pretty dull, uninformed, or wearing blinders to state what you have. What we have here is the media trying to pass off another version of St Skiddles Trayvon as St Swisser Brown. Sorry, what we see is a druggie thug who assaulted a thug . End story.
      Unless of course you are a looter, race hustler, communist, or cop hater.

      • Jo K Eas

        so your gonna state I must be wearing blinders and such when my comment is over nine days old? wth …. and 9 DAYS ago I said this gonna end up like Zimmerman case. but my statement that after we see forensics we will know the truth. Watch the BGI that is manipulating the press and trying to manipulate the whole process. That’s what trying to get the AG off the case and trying to stop the GJ from hearing the case. what kinda person comes on chat after 9DAYS of more knowledge and claims superiority in there knowledge. what a DICK. and every thing I stated in original post still applies. it all depends on what the forensics will show us. did MB assault cop did he charge back did he have hands up in surrender????? those are all questions yet to be definitely fact. if his hands were up in surrender and the police officer shot him anyway the officer should be charged with murder same as Dorian Johnson (his friend who should be charged any way it turns out) now what I believe so far puts the officer on a beach sipping margaritas. NEXT time you have a problem with my comments don’t wait 9 DAYS to post your bullshit.

      • David R.(Canada)

        One group of thugs fighting another group of thugs , killing each other.
        Sounds like a good plan.

  • 843old_school

    3rd up from the last picture – a comment says “niggas don’t fight anymore”.. Needless to say he didn’t get any “likes” this brought to mind something – when I was a teen / 20s I stayed in trouble.. But whenever we had a disagreement we would go into the street and fight it out.. Bare knuckles.. No one fathomed bringing a gun because that’s not how it worked then… Someone kicked some ass someone got their ass kicked… These thugs are a bunch of sissy bitches hiding behind their guns .. I’d take on every single last one of them in a fist fight, happily..

  • Dee Ree
    • CharlestonThugLife

      Racist , much?

      • Mike Mulligan

        Dee Ree, I am white and have a lot of black friends who are not thugs . Not all thugs are black. A thug is someone who disrespects the law, thinks they are entitled to anything they want, steal it if they can’t get it for free and don’t feel like they need to contribute anything positive to society. Thugs come in all colors, open your eyes and see yourself for what you are, RACIST !!!!!!!

        • Caption Oblivious

          thug is by definition, a petty criminal.

    • TBT3

      Congratulations! You’ve won the prize for the most racist comment of the month!

    • Michael F

      Dee Ree, over half of the violent crime in America is committed by young black men. Look it up. How does a less than 3% of a population end up on the assailant side of the violent crime equation in over 50% of the violent crimes in America? We aren’t talking about incarceration rates or anything the blacks and liberals can blame on our justice system, we are talking their behavior. A white man is 35 times more likely to be physically attacked by a black man than the black man is to be physically assaulted by the white man. Where could we possibly have gotten the notion that black young men are thugs ? Spend less time reading about unicorns and rainbows and you wouldn’t be wasting other people’s time with your bigoted stereotypes about white people fantasizing that blacks are thugs .

      • nenitaB

        I heard it from someone else, too I have to agree

    • Waitingforsummer

      Seems like you’re the racist one in this conversation. I’m a white female who has many friends, some of whom happen to be black, none of them are thugs .

    • Katherine McChesney

      Only because the black on White murders and rapes are escalating.

  • Dee Ree
    • dj

      Thanks for stating the truth in about the least offensive way I’ve seen

  • Dee Ree

    Black Crime= Gang Violence , Arab Crime= Terrorism , Hispanic Crime=Illegal Immigration, White Crime= No crime, he was just insane

    • Rushfan2112

      Don’t be such a D-bag. If a white person kills another, they deserve the same punishment as anyone else who kills. Falling back on race baiting and name calling only makes you look stupid. If you really are concerned about the black community, where is your outrage against the hundreds in attendance at the block party where an innocent 19 yr old girl was gunned down?

    • not really shocked

      Sorry Dee Ree, not so much. Not all black people are gang members , not all Arab’s are terrorists, etc. On this site, they’ve discussed more then a few “white” criminals. The difference? You usually don’t see most of the “white” community making excuses for their crimes. In most of our eyes, a criminal is a criminal regardless of color. The book should be thrown at each and every one of them. It sickens us to see probation after probation given for serious charges. Then we see them violate those same probations doing the same things that got them arrested in the first place. In turn, they’re given probation yet again. In the stills of the video you can plainly see “Big Mike” robbing and assaulting a person in that store. What excuses are you going to give for that? Are you going with the standard “only God can judge”, or “you don’t know what he’s been through”? Do you have a new one? After all, those are getting kind of stale.

    • Obsidian

      Correction : Black Crime= Gang Violence , Arab Crime= Terrorism , Hispanic Crime=Illegal Immigration, White Crime= Meth Labs and Kidnapping.

  • pennylaaane

    I think the only sham in this scenario is “journalism” like this. You don’t cite sources for any of the information you’re passing as fact, and you’ve added 2 edits to correct the misinformation in this article. Nobody with half a brain would buy into your take on this story. Learn how to tell a proper news story, for christ’s sake.

    • CharlestonThugLife

      Oh, sure. We should strive to be like those more “mainstream” media sites who don’t bother to correct their erroneous information. No thanks. We prefer to maintain an ethical posture. If we make a mistake we own up to it. I know, personal responsibility – what a concept!

    • Mike. Mulligan

      Pennylannne, before you trash CLT perhaps you should do some research. The pictures from Facebook are there for the world to see. Take a look at CNN and Fox, oh wait, they are all shams too. Damn who can we trust now? I guess only the eyewitnesses (fellow thugs ) and God know the truth. Wink wink.

      • pennylaaane

        Brown is not the subject of most of those photos.

    • Comhaghn

      He corrects his errors quickly. That’s something, is it not? I can name more than a few journalists who don’t.

    • Jo K Eas

      and he rarely has any errrors on things going on in Charleston , stlouis is a whole new game as the info is harder to get. Why don’t all cities put all this info out there? would that be racist to show who is doing these crimes/ must be racist since cops don’t hardly give descriptions of perps unless they white. course that is just the racist way to say they black….. damned if ya do damned if ya dont

  • TBT3

    You’re confusing things with facts. The fact Brown was a gangbanger and fighting with police isn’t a good story for looting . But if a white cop shoots an unarmed, black teenager, who was minding his own business while delivering foster kittens to old people, now that’s some good reasoning for some looting !

    • Tom

      I sense sarcasm here, so I may be stating a mute point… but looting a random shop that has no affiliation with the incident is never ok. The “incident” was just an excuse for these thugs to steal shit. They probably don’t even know Brown… much less care about what happened.

      • TBT3

        Yep, it was sarcasm. I never have understood how looting has anything to do with protesting. I understand the idea behind marching, boycotts, sit-ins, etc., to protest what someone perceives as social injustice, but breaking into a store and stealing things proves nothing other than you’re a criminal. They should arrest any of the looters they can identify from videos.

  • Brad

    Let’s assume that the narrative of him and his buddy beating a cop arn’t true, which is a fair assumption since I haven’t seen this reported by anyone, and that the multiple witnesses are correct in saying that he had his hands up in the air before being shot. If that’s the case what do his friends on Facebook have to do with any of this? Did he associate with people that arn’t upstanding citizens? Sure, but that doesn’t make it right for a cop to shoot him after he’s surrendered. Hell, anything other than attacking the officer doesn’t warrant being killed.

    • Brainsmasher

      The autopsy has been released. His arms were not up when he was shot. He was not surrendering.

  • mike

    Good riddance.

  • Harry Russell

    We all know a similar shooting is bound to happen in N Chas and the police will be made to be the bad guys,,,,,and THEN Al Sharpton and his goons will attempt to have the local thugs burn down a few buildings,,,,,A vigilante may soon start appearing in the area and start executing the local hood rats before they shoot honest hard working people.It is deer season now and many local boys actually know how to shoot.

    • disqus_Tb79w8mBn0

      Old Al may not have made it here yet but Jesse Jackson already tried. Asberry Wylder. Remember that asshole? Crazy as fuck but his family didn’t want to do shit with him (like lock his ass in a mental hospital) until after the NCPD shot and killed him when he stabbed one of them after they approached him bc he stole meat from a grocery store.

  • DDH

    Good lord. Who are the idiots dumb enough to stand and take those photos with all the loaded guns pointed at them? Oh wait… nevermind.

    • reality

      Dumb and dumber are their names

  • The Supreme Gentleman

    I wonder where that punk stole those Dr. Dre Beatz headphones from. You know damn well he or nobody else in his family purchased them legally. He was a bold piece of shit though.

    • The Witz

      The Supremacist Gentleman. Racist much? You aren’t open to the facts or holding off judgment anymore than the liberal media . Assuming and insinuating about things you actually know nothing about is sad. Maybe he got them for his birthday, or Christmas. Stick to the facts that you do know and keep your racism in check. Your comment reveals who you really are, and only people just like you will listen to anything you have to say. Such a hardened, closed heart.

      • Wardsize

        We are open to the fact that he robbed a liquor store moments before he was killed by a wonderful police officer. Maybe keep your bigoted thoughts to yourself, asshole.

    • reality

      And a fat little punk. Welfare baby.

  • charlie

    Here is his mo casenet case number. 13SL-CR12675-01

    • Jo K Eas

      don’t think so this micheal brown born in 1997 . 2014-1997 = 17 yr old also read where he from pine grove?? or some such name this one from troy

  • Hologram Trayvon ™

    The liberal news sites like Business Insider are now only posting pro-Brown diatribes and immediately closing the comments so people cannot be told the truth.

    Last night I watched the reporting on ABC news , it is astonishing the disinformation that the media continues to dispense – even after the revelations about the strong arm robbery . They are hell bent on maintaining the story line evidence be damned.


    Well written. Nice work.

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  • lambchowder

    So because he isn’t a classical flutist he deserves what to be murdered. Everyone on this page assuredly has similar pictures with guns (b-but rifles are diff’runt) and in any case, none of these scary weapons were on him at the time. For the rest 99% of MENTALLY HEALTHY, NON 50s IDOLIZING, WELL ADJUSTED ADULTS WHO GO OUTSIDE OTHER THAN TO REPLENISH THEIR DOOMSDAY FORTS REALIZE IS NORMATIVE BEHAVIOR FOR YOUTHS. Don’t like that, take it up with the culture war generals.

    • CharlestonThugLife

      Let’s see – Strong arm robbery , assaulting store clerks, assaulting police officers and displaying your illegally possessed firearms on the web is “normative” behavior (we assumed you meant “normal”) to you? You then, are definitely part of the problem.

    • sickofthem

      Yeah, he certainly looks like a Boy Scout. But I agree with others that let the facts be investigated and let the cookie crumbs fall where they may. I found it ironic that a good portion of the blacks who get their five minutes on TV are calling the cop a murderer and a racist but are pissed off that the police released the video of the thuggery.
      I notice that many people are jumping on the white officer murders innocent black youth bandwagon. Why don’t you (general “you”) give the officer the same benefit of the doubt until the FBI finishes their investigation and the autopsy results are known rather than labeling the cop a racist murderer?
      You couldn’t pay me to work in law enforcement with this kind of crap going on. There are no doubt a small percentage of police officers who shouldn’t be carrying a gun, but the majority are just trying to keep the rest of us safe and not get killed on a daily basis. If you lived in a major metropolitan area you know it’s a reality.

    • not really shocked

      Do you really think this is normal behavior for young people? It’s not in my world. My “young person” doesn’t have pictures of herself posing with illegal guns , dope, and cash in her mouth on her FB page. Just how, in God’s name, can you justify this? So, you are fine with your child conducting themselves this way? You wouldn’t give it a second thought or put a stop to it? You’ll just chalk it up to their “culture”? I can also promise you that there’s not a single person that I know and/or associate with that takes pictures of themselves with guns and drugs. Views like this is the reason there’s a whole generation of young people that are going to be nothing but a drain on society whether they’re inmates or living off the government.

      • David R.(Canada)

        Our society will get more interesting as the Baby-boomers are forced into retirement as they get too old to work or even drive.
        The average age of a truck driver in N. America is now in their late 50s. The average farmer is now in their early 60s. Most of the people who actually grow their own vegetable garden are probably retired (and is fully aware that they may have to defend it).
        Good luck with your brave new world kiddies!

    • Really?

      I would like to make a couple comments .
      Firstly, we need to let the system works and wait for the Investigation to be completed, not make snap decisions based upon our own bias. We saw that here in Charleston with the Curnell case. I believe that we also saw that Eye witness accounts can also be biased as well. Let the system work. Don’t confuse it with “the system is rigged” or “Al Sharpton wants to hang the officer.” With the amount of scrutiny they will do things right.
      Secondly, I again urge to stop looking the situation through the lens of racial bias. I am not singling anyone out. African Americans and Caucasians as well have this instinct to do so. I think we need to ask why this officer (no race required) shot this man (no race required, he is 18, lets leave the youth out of it, at 18 I was in Grenada with the Marines). If this officer shot this man wrongly, deal with it. If the officer shot this man rightfully, deal with it.
      True, we have Civil Rights and we all regardless of race don’t want the Government more involved than necessary. However, we all know when we are raised that the Police have a job and in this end their presence is what holds back anarchy. Give them some respect. They will give you respect in return.
      Martin Luther King urged us not to Judge another by the Color of their skin but rather by the content of their character. I submit that the real question was did his character bring on the events?
      Lastly, I highly disagree with the apologetic dismissal of any wrong doing. Pull your head out of your ass. We all know what is right and what is wrong. Even in nature members of a group will use shunning to separate bad behaivor from the group (Bonobos for example). We are a higher species admittedly BUT we also have always used peer pressure to enforce appropriate behaivor. If they are doing wrong, we must not accept it. If they choose the easy path and sell drugs to make money we should speak out and point out the other opportunities available. To excuse this behaivor is wrong and not how a society in general operates.

    • Recon5

      “Everyone on this page assuredly has similar pictures with guns …”

      Dude that wasn’t even a moderatel good effort. It tanked completely at “out for a stroll”. Shoo.

  • sickofthem

    Disgusting. I can’t watch CNN any longer. They are always spinning things and stirring the pot.
    I also heard on the news conf a little while ago them talking about filing civil rights violations against this officer. It was nice of them to stop looting long enough to attend the press conf long enough to spout that b.s. How about letting the investigation proceed and give the officer the courtesy of not trying to lynch him before the investigation is complete.
    The problem with these idiots (like the moron woman who claimed the video of the punk strong arming the store owner/clerk was “photoshopped”) is they will bitch and moan and loot and burn their neighborhoods down until the Feds capitulate like they did in the Rodney King case. Those cops were acquitted and then charged by the Feds after that because of their disgusting rioting.
    Reverend Al should STFU since all he and Jackson do is stir the shit even more. Both of them are race baiters. Where were they when Reginald Denny was nearly beaten to death for the crime of being white and doing his daily job but had the bad luck to be driving in the middle of loonyville with a bunch of rioting, murderous thugs on the loose.
    During the King riots my aunt from another state called and asked me why the lady on TV was whining about no place to cash her welfare check because the rioters burned down the bank and the post office.

    • Marshall Jed Cooper

      CNN has gone way beyond stirring the pot. I don’t normally watch CNN but I made an exception for this incident and I have to stay I was shocked by the degree of their bias reporting.

  • Obsidian

    To that lady who said that the video was “photo shopped”, you can’t be that stupid…seriously.

  • mitchell DAY

    There has already been an announcement that the case is going to the Grand Jury. And with what you have already told us about the deleting of Brown’s criminal record it’s clear that the police officer is about to be railroaded.

  • Christopher Sewell

    Daryl Strawberry moved to St. Louis , MO, years ago. The guy from Hempstead, Long Island who opened fire on a full commuter train, in the 90’s was named Ferguson . “It” is probably a matter of National Security, so the local cops are getting to take “it”.

  • Z-Bro

    Anybody know where this thugbook website can be found? I cant find it anywhere. Was/is it a facebook page? Nothing is coming up on facebook when I click those links in the article.

  • John Gillis

    We’re repeating the mistakes of the Trayvon Martin case. Community ‘leaders’ and citizens are staging mass ‘protests’ before the facts are known. This is another case of opportunists’ excuses for engaging in criminal activity, regardless of the facts.

  • John Gillis

    Seriously? I do not post one racial comment , yet my post is waiting for approval?

    • CharlestonThugLife

      ALL comments go through, moderation, John.

  • The Witz

    I think your account of what actually happened is inaccurate. Maybe look into that? Like everything, there is what you say, what the media says, and then there is the truth somewhere in the middle. You have an agenda just as strong as the media ’s, only in the other direction. You’re doing what you think is right, I think, but but don’t delude yourself. You’re just as biased, using similar tactics as the media to make your point. I don’t think you care about the truth anymore the media does.

  • Just a Man

    And the only eyewitness Dorian Johnson might be a convicted liar too!!!

  • Fenny Famous

    The new police policy in the US is that when a black man reaches for your gun you have to give it to him and surrender to him

  • Captain ‘Murica”

    Thank you for saying the things the mainstream media is afraid to.

  • nenitaB

    I am on fair reporting but can sense some truth on this, can’t wait for the results of probe

  • Christopher Bogart

    You all see the rant by the Black pastor yet? he speaks the turth and the first thing they call him is a house n*****

  • Christopher Bogart


    Watch this vid please ingore the troll that recorded it. But at 6:28 another conversation is recorded unknonw to the person telling his story and the man recording this.

    The two men talking if you listen very carefully one is telling how he seen the whole thing from start to finish the mans story exonerates the officer. The story the man tells lines up exactly with Officer Wilsons report. Brown attacked the officer with both the Officer and Brown ending up in the vehicle fighting for the weapon it goes off and Brown runs away. The Officer gets out and tells Brown to freeze at this time brown turns back around and starts to bumrush Wilson, at this time Wilson starts to shot at Brown but brown keeps coming so he shots him in the head.

    Please watch and listen to this vid. Break the medai hype.

  • trigon400

    The Black adoring bias is so ingrained in the lamestream TV news that I automatically assume they are hiding something.
    TV news are their own worst enemy when it comes to their rapidly diminishing veracity.
    Proof that the majority of viewers understand this is seen in how many are buying guns against the wishes of the TV news teleprompter readers.

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  • Mike Stein

    You left out the autopsy report which shows the officer fired six shots into an unarmed man who was surrendering.

    • Wardsize

      I missed the surrendering part, was that when he assaulted the officer and broke his orbital bone?

  • mov1ngon

    This is the thing. If you listen to the witness account not rehearsed for the news , the witness said that Mike Brown was coming back toward the officer. In order to believe fully that justice will be served however you would have to ignore all but a few comments on this thread. Only a couple of people did not make sweeping prejudiced statements. This may or may not be a case of police brutality but who could fairly judge when most black people are hearing that he his hands up. Should they not defend him and not believe that the officer was racist ? Does this country have no racism ? Is it not possible? Why do you defend the officer with mentioning prior bad acts? Why do you criticize men that are human rights activists and have been victims of racism themselves as young men? Who can fairly judge when black people take to the streets to fight police but not neighborhood gangs ? Who can judge fairly when you call all cops pigs or suggest that all white people see all black people negatively?

    You say you don’t believe white people are better but don’t you keep saying white folks stuff and white people neighborhoods. You exclude yourself from society so that you are either a guest or a rebel. Be a law abiding citizen because you have the right to. Stand up and take to the streets about what is destroying your neighborhood. Demand fairness without assumption.

    You say you don’t believe that whites are better but you keep comparing criminal statistics and pointing examples where most criminals are black and then when you say shoot all the thugs you are not taking about blacks? Get real. It’s offensive and you know it. If you really want to stop race baiting then don’t bait yourself.

    Blacks are the weaker race but just look at why so you can stop the hate. We are all products of an environment we created and no matter who is to blame for specifically what it will only get cleaned up if we all do our part. You can start by apologizing to any person that you called a bad name or made an assumption about.

    • TBT3

      Blacks are the weaker race? Wow, that’s pretty harsh. They’re just products of their environment and don’t have any choice, right? Bullshit. Every person has choice and free will. And every time one of these things happens there is always a cause and effect. This man got shot because of to what he did and the way he acted. And the people that are looting are taking advantage of the situation just so they can steal from their neighborhood stores. And the “human rights activist” come into town for their own personal fame and glory, not because of some great cause. There isn’t a great cause because the whole thing is based on lies . So stop making excuses for the criminals and stop calling anyone who criticizes them a racist .

    • Jo K Eas

      Why is it assumed even if a white Officer EXECUTED a black man that it was automatically racist . If a white cop executes a white guy then what reason was there? could those same reasons not apply to a black man and have nothing to do with race? why do blacks automatically assume that any bad interaction with a white cop is racist . I’m white ( really a mutt with many different nationalities including 1/8 Cherokee) yet I have had a bad experience or two with police officers when I was young. Almost all those bad experiences were because I was a young and dumb smart mouth teen. Now if exact same circumstances happened to me yet I was black then you would be yelling racism . that’s a crock . prove the racism before opening your mouth. just because a black comes out on the short end of stick with a white DOES NOT make it racism . I for one am tired of being called racist . Our DOJ claims Americans are cowards when it comes to talking about race. he states we need a conversation about it. How are we to have a convo about racism when every time a white person tries to start the convo and is told to shut up their racist , they cant speak about race cause they have no ideal what a black puts up with etc…. Yet what really and truly blows my mind is that 90%^ of blacks vote democrat. Democrats who claim that blacks cant get jobs without the government. (Government cutbacks are racist according to a union official in Chicago) test score must be lowered so blacks can be hired (are they dumber, than whites, ) gotta have quota, gotta have special programs (my brothers keeper) voter ID ( blacks are to stupid to figure out how to get an ID to vote) and the really big one that really throws me for a loop : black conservatives are all traitors and uncle toms to the black race.(so if you think out side the box, march to a different drummer, then you are a traitor to your race. Hell with whites those that march to a different drummer are usually revered, is a good thing, is way advances are made. I have been around many different races, some as dumb as a box of rocks, some very intelligent people, Race has never figured into the dumb or smart. All races have their share of each. The democrats’ seem to have convinced the black race that they are inferior to the white race. and the race baiters and so called black leaders help to promote this all in the name of the almighty dollar. They have screwed a whole race of AMERICANS for money and are celebrated for what they do by that race. Is their anything more perverse? As long as Blacks, Spanish, Whites, Muslim, or Asian, keep allowing them to put us in boxes and manipulate one against the other for money and power we as a country will continue to decline. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS FIRST. START ACTING LIKE IT. pick your self up and start doing for yourself. There is more knowledge and information available now than anytime before. Start using it , learn to think for ourselves and see over the hyperbole and other bullshit put out there by people who want nothing but money and power at the cost of our country. Quit seeing through race colored glasses and put your American glasses on.

  • Doug Kennedy

    The writer of this piece should try this site, it allows the user to go back in time on the internet and see things which have been taken down and are no longer posted. Should allow you to look at the Thugbook even though its been removed. http://archive.org/web/

  • RosalindJ

    FWIW, Luh Vee’s page is still extant. Just viewed it.

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  • Kelly Quinn

    Wake up people, the United States Government has not acted in a vacuum, they have been trying for years to disarm the citizenry and impose a government run police state. (Martial law) Absolute power corrupts absolutely, look at what they have done to the finances of this great country, they have spent every tax dollar for the next three or four generations. Now they want to insure enough violence that citizens will willingly give up their right to bear arms in order to allow the police to protect us. Look at all the freedoms that were taken from you as a result of 9/11. Your reverse officials have sold you out. Don’t stick your head in the sand. 42 million plus people are now totally dependent on uncle Sam for food stamps, medical insurance, disability checks, extended unemployment, etc. All the Jobs created by this administration have been government jobs, bigger government = greater reliance on the government. Those who fail to learn from history are bound to repeat it. Investigate the fall of the Roman Empire, we are in the same situation right now. Fortunately emperor Constantine avoided the total collapse of Roman by adopting Christianity as a national religion and created the Holy Roman Universal (Catholic ) church. The government has already removed God out of our schools and all government offices, we won’t even have the choice that Rome did.

  • MLB

    Yeah his case file has conveniently disappeared….


  • sanman99

    Mike would have been in the morgue either by the Police as happened or the Crips , drug deal gone bad, drive by etc. This thug met his maker by choice!!!

  • Y K

    “Big Mike” was a Thug , a violent criminal, an idiot and an asshole – The World is better off without his sorry
    life and who knows how many future violent acts which would have been committed by this loser have been
    prevented by his death .

    Good riddance to the “high school graduate” [he probably cheated on his exams too]

  • Tyler Durden

    I can’t wait for the riots when Wilson walks. It sucks his life is ruined over just doing his job.

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  • Victor Nunez


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  • Marilyn Z

    Did anyone see The Doctors TV show on Friday? They did a big bit on Brown and looked so sad it was nauseating. Then the black female doctor with the blond hair stuck against her head ended it by shaking her head while looking sad and said, GUNS ! Then she held her arms above her head until the camera left her. I wrote them and told them that their mixed-up liberal attitude just lost a viewer and that if they expected cops to carry slingshots. No way would I be a cop in this current atmosphere.

  • annoyed

    What his friends have on their… “thugbook” has nothing to do with him, that situation, or who he was as a person. I’m a 21 year old white female, if you go through pictures online of me, you’d find me as a young teenager throwing ‘ gang signs’ because in the day we were raised thats what we do. It doesn’t mean I’m a thug . So maybe he had an hard life, he didn’t choose it. The fact of the matter is, he was a KID just out of high school , going to college (how thug of him) and he’s no longer on this earth to do those things. I really dont think anyone who is here on earth has any right to judge him. He has a family who will forever have a void now. Its time to let him rest in peace, because no one who wasn’t there knows what really HONESTLY happened.

    • Allison_Westerburgh

      He’d just robbed a store, dummy.

    • Wardsize

      I don’t know where you are from, but in the USA 18 years old is an ADULT. When you rob people with a weapon or intimidation, when you steal from people, you are making a choice. He chose to rob and steal. He chose to resist arrest . There are consequences for everything in life.

      In case you missed his record: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=cfc_1408458094

  • DefeatIslam

    So sick of thugs and terrorists declared ‘victims’ by racists and liberal media !!!

  • lloyd clement

    Looks like Mr. Brown had quite the criminal history.

  • Biggie Winner

    just what i thought. the media covering his past along with holder trying too. thugs in the hood don’t flash signs if not associated or they end up dead…you don’t wear red or blue ….nothing was every said about the cops in boston being armed to the teeth during the terrorist bombings…my, my. you can’t show force towards a mob that is looting and rioting…and shooting weapons…geez. wake up folks…


    Slugs for Thugs !

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  • RYD

    Hugely depressing. It really makes one wonder why anyone chooses to be an LEO. I understand the draw. Interesting job, making a difference. Helping people. But God FORBID you use your weapon.

    I suggest a complete rewrite of all LEO training materials to include one of the following ‘bylaws':

    1.) Under no circumstances is an officer to use his weapon in ‘an aggressive manner’. Aggressive Manner is defined as ANY use of a weapon, including for personal defense, when an officer has not yet been fired upon. Display of a weapon by a suspect is not deemed use of a weapon.

    2.) Forthwith, all officers shall be issued billy clubs and tasers. All firearms shall be surrendered to command. Use of taser is limited to instances where officer is physically assaulted and is in immediate risk of death .

    That way, police NEVER have to worry about unwarranted shootings, killings, or giving fodder to those who believe cops are all corrupt ‘pigs’ out to kill. Win Win!

    Downside is, of course, an increase in crime, and some dead LEO. But hey, doesn’t seem like anyone outside of LE would care. They’re the ones giving helpful tips on how YOU should do your job. (You know, the job YOU’VE been trained to do. The one they have no idea HOW to do themselves?).

    So, just roll over, all you LEOs. Hope you make it through your shifts, but don’t you DARE consider using your training and weapons under any circumstances. The forfeit of your lives is a risk that these protestors are willing to take. God Bless them for their pure ideals.

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