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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

They Just Write the Law


State legislators just write laws, they don’t actually have to obey them, or even show consideration to other folks.




  1. Anybody know which asshole politician this was? I’m just curious, so I know not to vote for this idiot next election.

  2. Cheif, who is this asshole?

  3. Not 100 percent sure. Some on social media are saying the vehicle belongs to Wendell Gilliard.

  4. I can kind of at least understand it with a Corvette. At Lowes the other day, some asshole driving a Chrysler 200 took up 2 spots. A fucking CHRYSLER 200!! I think they were giving those away at the dealer when you bought a real car at one time. And this ass is taking up two spots with it so it doesn’t get scratched. That really bothered me. At least only do it when you have a decent car.

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