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Mass Murder in Charleston


Nine people dead at Emanuel AME church in Charleston, including a SC senator. The suspect is said to have opened fire after sitting through a bible study. There is no word yet as to what the shooter’s connection is to the church (if any), yet the mass murder is automatically being investigated as a hate crime. SLED and the FBI are assisting CPD in the investigation.

This appears to be a planned attack. As we have seen recently, there are people on both sides of the aisle who want to foment racial strife in the Charleston area. This thug is one of those.

Suspect described as a slender white male in his 20’s with sandy blond hair, grey sweatshirt, blue jeans and boots. Keep your eyes open and let’s get this asshole in custody.









You may have noticed posting has been rather sparse in the past week. We are currently operating with limited resources as we are out of town laying to rest one of the founding members of this site. More to follow as we are able.


  1. These shootings are tragic. But what’s more tragic are thug blacks who terrorize Charleston will use this tragedy as an excuse to terrorize the city even worse. Charleston shouldn’t fall victim to white guilt and give thug blacks a pass to terrorize Charleston.

    • You are a BIG part of the problem-thinking that the whites are victims. He wanted to kill blacks and start a race war. Sounds like you already fight one.

    • What’s tragic is the irony of ur comment in relation to the facts of this massacre

  2. First, let me say I am very sorry to hear of Thug Life’s loss. May they rest in eternal peace.

    Secondly, this is not only horrific, but it’s hard to fathom such hate. And my condolences to all.

    Lastly, it was probably at least 95 degrees last night when he entered that church…and he had on long sleeves and at least it looks like two layers? What the hell is up with that? Was he trying to hide tattoos maybe?

    This guy is insane and needs to be eliminated.

  3. It appears to me he has body armor on under the sweatshirt. There is definitely an outline of a vest seen to the right (under his left arm) and along his collarbone. Plus the tuck tail appears to be hanging down in front. The long sleeves are perhaps covering tattoos or other identifying marks. It also appears he has on glasses and a wig. What looks odd is how white his nose is. Recently I’ve seen at the beach these white nose sun protectors that hook onto glasses. Maybe it’s just the lighting. Either way, this guy is trying to disguise himself. The car appears to be a Ford Focus. The vanity plate on the front has the Ford logo in the center with chrome “framing.”

    • It appears you were wrong on every count with your conjecture. No body armor, no disguise and it was a Hyundai Elantra with a confederate flag.

  4. While this may have been racially motivated, dude looks to have a lot of black friends.

    • FACEBOOK friends are not real.

  5. This is clearly a hate crime, whether its racial or religious based. I don’t see any other definition for murdering 9 people who were simply gathered in a church.

    • Looks like his FB pg has been deleted.

    • Sorry ’bout this misplaced comment. I meant to post it on the comment above this one.

  6. if he had just driven a little further to North Charleston, it would just have been another night.

  7. Blows my mind that some still believe the color of your skin defines your character as a person.

    why hate?

    • i know i will receive a nice racist backlash for posting this here so heads up i don’t plan on responding because nothing will ever change!

      I just hope we all understand that this is NOT a credible source for crime information. real journalists or investigators don’t use gang language or suggestive language like thug… we know what thug is codeword for!

      biased sources are not legitimate sources.

      flashing the word thug alongside a bunch of black faces is nothing more than hateful propaganda.

    • Really? You are a special kind of idiot, aren’t ya?

    • Dear Mr. Jaxsonhoward……
      You need to calm the-fuck-down before you blow a gasket !
      The 1st bombing of the World Trade Center was an act of terrorism, the attach on the USS Cole was an act of terrorism, 9-11 was an act of terrorism and many others qualify as acts of terrorism, but I don’t believe a kid with a twisted idea about race qualifies as “terrorism.”
      So what if the kid was a “racist”. Most people are in some form or another, blacks included. Only difference is that “most people” don’t go around committing mass murder, at least not in this country. It’s a different story in places like Africa, but I’m sure you already know that.
      I would really like to know your source that portrays this kid as “holier than thou.”
      I’ve read nearly every news release there is on this incident and not once have I heard anyone refer to this sick fuck as being “holier-than-thou.”
      Yes, innocent lives were lost at the hands of a very disturbed young man, who happened to be white. If he would have went out and shot 9 drug dealers or child molesters or repeat criminals that rome the streets of our cities, someone would probably want to give him a metal…..although I’m sure the “Black Lives Matter” folks would disagree.
      I don’t believe that anyone is “sugar-coating” anything. (again I would like to know your source on that), I believe they are telling it pretty much like it is. So, in case your rage has blinded you to the facts, here it is in a nut-shell……
      “a dumb fuckin white kid bought a gun and decided to use it on some black folks at a church after sitting through an hour of Bible study class with them. END of STORY !
      Anything more than that is pure speculation and sensationalism by the main stream media and race baiters.

  8. i knew it i knew i was right thanks

  9. He’s a complete scumbag punk. Clearly his motivation was racial.

    If he hates black criminals, then why didn’t he attack black criminals? Coward, like most of these nutjobs. He wanted to be the only armed person around, so of course he chose a gun free zone.

    Condolences to the victims, who all seem to be decent, good people.

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