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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Dederick Bright

Convicted sex offender Dederick Tarmayne Bright was rounded up by local authorities after he tried to con a couple of teenage fellas into his car with promises of weed. Bright seems to like the younger boys. Of course, the local media won’t tell you Bright is already on the SC sex offender registry.








The local media is reporting Bright was charged with two counts of Unlawful Solicitation of a Minor. They neglected to tell you he was also charged with one count of Buggery. His total bond on those charges was set at $400,000. Bright was also charged with one count of Assault With Intent to Commit Criminal Sexual Conduct and one count of 1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct. A circuit judge has to set bond on those charges.







You will notice that in addition to being a convicted sex offender Bright also has a pending probation violation charge from 2014. Let’s check his record.

In 2011 Bright was charged with Criminal Solicitation of a Minor. He plead guilty and was sentenced in 2012 by Judge Thomas “Felon’s Friend” Hughston to 3 years, suspended on 31 days time served and 2 years probation.







In 2013 Bright was charged with violating the terms of his sex offender status. He plead guilty and was given a $300 fine and time payments.







In June of 2014 Bright was charged with  Assault With Intent to Commit Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st Degree and Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st Degree.







Bright sat in jail for a few months until Judge James “Rainbows and Unicorns” Gosnell reduced the bond to a consolidated $30,000. That bond also covered the probation violation he was charged with in August of 2014.







The 9th Circuit Solicitor dismissed the sexual assault charges in December of 2014, probably due to an uncooperative or reluctant victim.

Why won’t the local news give you this sort of information about these serial offenders? Why don’t they provide you with a basic history? Are they lazy? Ask them.



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  1. what a pos ……… stupid degenerate deserves to have his balls CUT OFF

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