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Deviant Charged


Another Lowcountry deviant charged with sexually assaulting children.

Sixty-eight year old Larry Ray Walker, of Bayboro Circle in Goose Creek, was charged in Charleston County with two counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct With a Minor Under 11 Years of Age. Judge Linda Lombard gave Walker a $25,000 bond on one charge. He has yet to have a bond hearing on the second charge.




ScreenHunter_2707 Mar. 15 06.39




Longtime residents of the Lowcountry might remember walker from 2009 when his Summerville auto dealership, Global Motors, was raided by a regional task force of detectives. Authorities recovered over $60,000 in property stolen from Berkeley County, North Charleston, Orangeburg, Florence and Mt. Pleasant.

As a result of that July 2009 raid, Walker was charged with seven (7) counts of Receiving Stolen Goods (various values) and three (3) counts of Operating a Chop Shop. Every single one of those charges was dismissed by the 1st Circuit Solicitors Office in June of 2012.




ScreenHunter_2722 Mar. 15 06.52 ScreenHunter_2723 Mar. 15 06.53 ScreenHunter_2724 Mar. 15 06.53 ScreenHunter_2725 Mar. 15 06.53 ScreenHunter_2726 Mar. 15 06.54 ScreenHunter_2727 Mar. 15 06.54 ScreenHunter_2728 Mar. 15 06.54 ScreenHunter_2729 Mar. 15 06.54 ScreenHunter_2730 Mar. 15 06.55 ScreenHunter_2732 Mar. 15 06.57





Walker was charged in Dorchester County in 2011 with violation of the Solid Waste Act (illegal dumping). He plead guilty in July of 2013 and was sentenced by Judge Diane Goodstein to 1 year, suspended in favor of 1 year of probation. He was also charged with Criminal Conspiracy. That charge was dismissed by the 1st Circuit Solicitor.





ScreenHunter_2719 Mar. 15 06.51 ScreenHunter_2720 Mar. 15 06.51 ScreenHunter_2731 Mar. 15 06.55





Something must have happened at the plea hearing, because Walker was charged on July 15th, 2013 with Threatening the Life of a Public Official. The charge was apparently dismissed later the same day.





ScreenHunter_2733 Mar. 15 06.57




Walker has apparently owned/operated a number of businesses over the years, usually resulting in multiple lawsuits and quite a few eviction notices. He has managed to weasel his way out serious charges in the 1st Circuit, let’s see if his luck holds in the 9th Circuit.






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  1. He like them little BoyScouts…

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