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Too many of us don’t pay attention to what is going on in this state. We have written several times about the problems with the DUI laws in South Carolina. Some media outlets were reporting recently that some legislators are trying to close the idiotic loopholes in the law. Be sure to read all the way to the bottom of that link where State Senator Paul Thurmond (District 41), who claims to be a law and order Republican and former prosecutor, tells his constituents he doesn’t think anything needs to change.

Of course, Thurmond makes thousands of dollars getting DUI charges against fellow politicians and other folks dismissed on those very technicalities. People like former Mt. Pleasant Town Councilman John Burn.

Long time readers will note this isn’t the first time we have called out Paul Thurmond on his bullshit.

Or maybe you folks are okay with letting people go who drive around under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If so, keep voting the way you voted last time.




  1. Really??? Paul Thurmond has always been a friend to police. As a Charleston county assistant solicitor he was always available to assist law enforcement with any questions and concerns. As a prosecutor with North Charleston he assisted with training for law enforcement on how to prosecute DUI cases. Most importantly let’s not forget that State Senator Paul Thurmond has recently introduced several Pro-Law Enforcement bills. Sounds like the only bullshit is what “Chief” is pedaling. I do agree with “Chief” in reference to his suggestion that we keep voting the way we did last time. Keep up the good work State Senator Paul Thurmond!

    • You are, of course, entitled to your opinion. However, we would caution you not to be lulled into complacency by a few “good acts” you agree with. Follow the money. If you were truly a “conservative” cop, we wouldn’t have to tell you that.

    • I remember Gedney Howe doing the same thing back in the 90’s, but no Cop that sat in his In Service Class got the mistaken idea that he wasn’t out to beat the system. At least Gedney was honest about it.

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