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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Curtis Tywon Mitchell

Have you ever wondered why someone like Curtis Tywon Mitchell would believe it is perfectly acceptable to shoot up someone’s home after a traffic beef? After you read the information in this post we believe you will come to the same conclusion we did. Because he has learned from the 9th Circuit Solicitor it is easy to get away with it. Someone from that office should be charged with accessory before the fact of a felony.

Mitchell is on the run from police after shooting up someone else’s apartment. If you see him, call the police. If he’s armed and you ‘fear for your life’ until the police get there, drop a hammer on him. No one will miss him, that’s for sure.

1997 Charges:

Possession of Cocaine - Pled guilty before Judge Victor Rawl. Sentenced to two years, suspended in favor of one year of probation.

In 2001 Mitchell was charged with EIGHT (8) counts of Assault With Intent to Kill, TWO (2) counts of Assault & Battery of a High & Aggravated Nature, ONE (1) counts of Discharging a Firearm Into a Dwelling, and ONE (1) count of Resisting Arrest With a Deadly Weapon.

The 9th Circuit Solicitor dismissed SEVEN (7) of the AWIK charges, TWO (2) counts of ABHAN, the discharging a firearm into a dwelling and the resisting arrest arrest with a deadly weapon.

Mitchell pled guilty to one count of AWIK before Judge R. Markely “Criminal Coddler” Dennis. The shocking things is that Judge Dennis signed off on this ridiculous plea agreement. Mitchell was sentenced to eight years, suspended on service of eleven months and four years probation.

Now do you see why this maggot thinks it is okay to shoot up houses?

2002 Charges:

Malicious Injury to Property - pled guilty before Judge Thomas “Felon’s Friend” Hughston. Sentenced to two years, suspended in favor of two years probation.

Trafficking Crack - pled guilty. Sentenced by Judge Hughston to five years in prison.

PWID Crack Near a School and PWID Narcotics (unspecified) - dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.

Simple Assault - pled guilty. Sentenced to 30 days by Judge Hughston.

Mitchell actually did some time in prison. We know this from a petition for Post Conviction Relief he filed in 2004.

2003 Charges:

PWID Crack Near a School - dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.

PWID Crack Near a School - Pled guilty before Judge Hughston. Sentenced to five years, suspended in favor of five years of probation.

Resisting Arrest - Pled guilty, sentenced to two years.

2011 Charges:

Charged by NCPD in June of 2011 with Accessory After the Fact of a Felony. Free on a $25,000 bond.

Charged with 3rd Degree Assault & Battery in Dorchester County. Pled guilty and sentenced to 30 days by Judge Diane Goodstein.

Remember folks - elections for solicitors have consequences.

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