Block Party Drama

Author: Chief

Owner and Author of Charleston Thug Life. Chief started this website back in March of 2012 to shine the light on the Criminals of Charleston.

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  • The Supreme Gentleman

    Funny that little Jared Mead is commenting. His father is a real piece of shit so this doesn’t surprise me. Big Jared Meade is a short fat wannabe tough guy that beats up on his sister and ex girlfriends.

    • Jared Byrd Meade Jr.

      ILol what XD

    • Rachel EzBrzy Ellington

      Who are you… This supreme gentleman you claim to be? Whatever you may think of my sons father… Says nothing about my son. If you dont know the facts keep your mouth shut. And he was asking a fkng question because hehas friends out there since we lived there most of his life. Thank you SIR

      • The Supreme Gentleman

        Go get beat up by that short fat pig looking fucker Jared some more, Rachel!

    • The one and only

      You really should keep your opinions about people parents to yourself mr. Southern gentleman! Just because someone’s parent is a bad person or whatever, doesn’t mean you have the right to judge. Look up the meaning of gentleman before laying judgement on someone else!

  • overtherainbow

    I didnt see this on the news anywhere!!! crazy!

  • yep

    It finally made the News …. My son told me of it first thing this morning to include the dead girl’s name.. but I seen it on Thug life first

  • I am a Consequence

    Live 5 just found out around 2pm today… What do you expect from the weekend crew?

    As far as the area, you can think of it as a less densely populated ghetto. And before any of the “only God can judge me” crowd jumps on here to defend the Long Ridge / Sheep Island residents, YES there are a FEW good people that live out there (just as in nearly every neighborhood). That area has been one of the busiest hubs for narcotics in the Charleston area for years (ask any BCSO Deputy or area narcotics officer). I feel for the family and friends of the deceased and injured, but a little word to the wise. Be careful who you associate with.

  • Jared Byrd Meade Jr.

    This is little Jared, why is my dad getting involved in this, what the helllll

    • hehe

      cause hes a piece of poop

    • The Supreme Gentleman

      Because your father is a fat bald short worthless piece of shit that is real tough when it comes to fighting women( your mother and aunt know all about this). Funny how every single fight you hear of this man getting into involves a female!